Bye-Bye Summer 2016.  It was nice knowing you!

August is the long goodbye, because even though it’s a few weeks until most schools begin, it’s the knowledge that it’s looming that seems to steal the peace of the last few weeks of summer.

However, there is also the excitement of a new school year.  New students.  New school supplies.  New classroom decor.  Endless opportunity for progress for both teacher and students.

For some, myself included, the new year means a new job description and all the unknowns that can go along with this “newness.”  I am an Instructional Coach this school year and while I’m thrilled with the opportunity, I am a bit nervous because I will definitely be out of my ELA comfort zone.  I will be working with teachers from content areas that I avoided like the plague in high school and college.  I mean, I cried when I passed the-last-math-class-ever as an undergrad!  So the idea of working in these classes has me freaked out a bit and spending much time researching strategies and ways to implement Common Core across the curriculum.

My goal is to create a place to gather resources that I hope others can use as well.

Thanks for reading…especially to my teacher friends who are likely to be searching for classroom ideas on their own time and quite possibly still be in their pajamas drinking coffee or wine (it’s 5pm somewhere!) in the comfort of home…enjoying the very last moments of Summer 2016!